What is 5G? How it works

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks. It is a global wireless network after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. 5G is a software-based network developed to increase the speed and performance of wireless networks. 5G is the latest technology in cellular service. It can be called the next version of 4G network.

Till now cellular technology used to focus on connectivity but this technology will go a step ahead and connect clients directly to the cloud. 5G fast network speed will provide seamless HD surfing, excellent service. The Government of India has given permission for 5G trials and telecom companies will soon be provided its spectrum.

How does 5G network work?

5G is the fifth generation wireless mobile technology. Which will be a bigger and better form of 4G LTE and it will get 30 to 40 times more speed than it is now i.e. users will be able to download at gigabit per second speed. 5G network also has cell site like other cellular networks.

5G equipment such as antenna, transmitter and receiver are attached, from here the data is divided into different sectors and the encoded data is transmitted by radio waves. All cell sites are connected via a backbone wire or wireless.

4G networks require large high power cell towers to radiate signals. To transmit the same 5G wireless signals across long distances, many small cell stations are needed which are placed in small spaces such as light poles or building roofs. can be planted in.

Before the 5G network setup, changes will be made in the entire network equipment, not only by the providers but also every internet user will have to get 4G supported smart phones. The 5G network will work on millimeter wave technology, through which transmission can be done on 30 to 300Ghz frequency. By transmitting on millimeter waves, the range of the network becomes quite handy. There is a possibility of signal breakdown due to bad weather or the building in front. In such a situation, stations will be made at every small place and at short distances so that the signal is not broken and connectivity is maintained.

What is 5G