top 10 youtubers stars in india

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youtubers stars in india is India’s most popular YouTube superstar? India has more than 800 million active internet users as of December 2021. More than 2.5 billion users worldwide watch millions of videos and create millions of videos on YouTube every day. Today YouTube’s top superstars and content makers have more viewers than the population …


What is Computer Generation?

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What is computer generation Explain all generation of computer Just like we humans have generations computer It’s also the beginning of generations 1940 Some development has been done in the computer under every generation, earlier computers used to be very big in size, which started getting smaller as their generations developed and today its size …


What is DBMS? How is it used (What is DBMS in Hindi?)

What is Database in Hindi

What is DBMS in Hindi DBMS Or Database Management System is a software application. Which is used to access, create and manage the database. With the help of DBMS, you can easily create, retrieve and update the data in the database. A DBMS contains a set of commands for editing the database and acts as …


Top 10 IT Companies in India

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Top 10 IT Companies in India IT sector is one of the most preferred branch of the world. It has the power to convert the user’s thinking into reality. According to the NASSCOM report, IT export revenue from India grew by 8.3% to an estimated $136 billion in FY19. Companies providing information technology services are …


What is photography? What is Photography in hindi


What is photography has become a very special part of our life in today’s time. Photography is an art in which a picture is prepared with the help of digital sensor using light and camera. Photography is derived from two Greek words ‘photo’ meaning light ‘graph’ meaning drawing. what is photography Photography There is an …


Hindu Calendar April 2022 | Hindu Calendar April 2022 Festivals

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Hindu Calendar January 2022 in Hindi | Know this Hindu calendar, list of festivals celebrated in India in the month of January 2022, Panchang information of January 2022, fast, sunrise, sunset, monthly holidays and many more.. Holi Rakhi Dussehra Diwali Hindu calendar 2022 May in hindi. Hindu festivals, daily hindu panchang, vrats and holidays in …